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Before you go… take your Disney vacation planning to the next level with our Walt Disney World Vacation Packages Simplifed workbook!

Your step-by-step guide to a magically simple Walt Disney World vacation planning experience!


I was having a hard time choosing the best resort and tickets for our vacation with extended family. The Walt Disney World Vacation Packages Simplified workbook helped me narrow down the options and choose a fantastic resort that everybody loved!


– Jeanne A. – Walt Disney World Vacation Packages Simplified customer

Hey there, friend! 👋

I know what’s like to be clueless about planning a Disney vacation. My family’s first Walt Disney World vacation was a lot of fun, but it could have been a LOT better! 


I’m ashamed to say when I booked our first Disney vacation, I knew NOTHING! I called and booked over the phone, letting the phone agent make every selection for our vacation package. I was then transferred to the dining line and let that phone agent choose our dining reservations. Looking back, we were very lucky that we were happy with what they selected for us.


Planning a Disney vacation has gotten a lot more complicated in the years since our first trip, and I think about all of the people who do the same thing I did because it’s just so much information to sift through. But the good news is that doesn’t have to be you!




You deserve better…

The Walt Disney World Vacation Packages Simplified workbook can help you understand the available options and make the best choices for your family.


I’ve got you covered. Are you ready to get started?

With the Walt Disney World Vacation Packages Simplified workbook, you will...

What's included...

Resort Breakdown

Information about the different resort tiers, commonly requested features and recommendations.

Ticket Breakdown

Breakdown of each ticket option, what’s included with each type and recommendations to assist you in choosing the right one for you.

Dining Plan Breakdown

Breakdown of each Disney dining plan (based on 2020) and recommendations to help you pick one.

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Worksheets to Document Your Choices

Worksheet at the end of each section to keep track of what you like and help you make decisions.

I was just like you……

Before our first Disney World vacation, I knew nothing. It’s embarrassing now to think back and remember I didn’t even do any research. I just didn’t realize how massive Walt Disney World is! 


If you don’t eat, sleep and breathe Disney, you most likely don’t realize how much thought needs to go into just getting your vacation package booked. 


I created the Walt Disney World Vacation Packages Simplified workbook to make the process of sorting through the info and making these decisions simple.


Yes, there is. But it takes HOURS to filter through it all, and much of it is written based on the writer’s preferences. This information is not biased and laid out simply to help you make the choices that have to be made.

Yes, you can try if you have hours available to spend waiting on hold. You also risk getting a phone agent who is new and doesn’t really know much or one of the phone agents from a temp agency who really doesn’t know much.

There are different tiers of resorts with several resorts within each tier, and they can all include different amenities and features. Some names are very similar. I spoke to somebody one time who thought they booked Beach Club but in fact had booked Caribbean Beach – BIG difference! Details are important!

This guide is meant to help you sift through all of the info before you reach out to an agent, or in conjunction with an agent. You also have to be sure your agent is truly a Disney expert. It’s real easy for people to buy into an MLM these days and say they’re a travel agent. I’ve seen some total disasters these people have caused that could have been avoided if the client knew more about the options they were supposed to have booked. 

This guide will be kept up-to-date with any changes Disney makes. 

Yes! Just because you’ve visited Disney World doesn’t mean that this guide can’t help you for your next trip! You will still have to go through the entire process of choosing your vacation package options and trying to decide what is best for your family.

makes choosing a resort simple!

Before I bought this guide I was totally overwhelmed trying to make choices for our Walt Disney World vacation. 


This workbook helped me decide what was most important to us and narrow down all of the options. 


It made planning a Walt Disney World vacation easy and fun!

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Walt Disney World Vacation Packages Simplified

Don’t Plan Your Disney Vacation Without It!


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