Take your Disney vacation planning to the next level with our Walt Disney World Dining Calculator! It’s a super simple tool to help you budget for your Disney World vacation meals!

This super-simple calculator will help you…

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With the Walt Disney World Dining Calculator spreadsheet, you will...

By using the Walt Disney World Dining Calculator spreadsheet, you'll go from overwhelmed and frustrated to prepared and excited for your trip...

What You'll Get

Worksheet to Document Your Choices

A separate sheet for you to keep track of your choices and the approximate cost. 

Sheet Of All Table-Service Meals

A sheet with all table-service locations listed by location with a link to the current menu.

Sheet Of All Character Meals

A sheet with all character dining locations listed with a link to each menu and list of characters.

Sheet Of All Signature & Special Dining

A sheet with all signature and special dining, including seasonal events, with a link to each menu. 

Sheet Of Quick-Service Dining Tips

A list of money-saving tips for quick-service dining!

Sheet Of Table-Service Dining Tips

A list of money-saving tips for table-service dining!

Budgeting for food at Disney World is especially difficult without prepaid dining plans. It takes a lot of time to look up each restaurant you're considering, review the menu, then figure the price THEN figure the estimated tip! This spreadsheet makes it super simple and fast!


Yes, there is. But it takes HOURS to filter through it all, and some of it is very out of date. All of this pricing is current.

You can try if you have hours available to spend waiting on hold. But honestly, the cast members aren’t there to give you prices and information. They are there to book reservations. Some of them are very knowledgable, but others don’t know anything or even where to find the current price.

A lot harder than you think! Somebody said dining at Disney World is like a theme park itself, and it’s so true! There are a lot of great meals to choose from but they can get really pricey. It helps a lot to be able to compare prices and make choices that work within your budget.

Great! We hope they do!! You can still use this information to compare what you would spend out of pocket to what the dining plan would cost. The dining plans were great but they weren’t the best choice for everybody.

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